The large white ash at 44 High St. in Camden, measuring 153 inches in circumference, 83 feet tall and with an average spread of 80 feet, has been named to Camden's Heritage Tree Register. This tree will also appear in the brochure "Camden Heritage Trees and Treescapes – A Walking Tour."

June 16, arborists Douglas N. Johnson and Nancy Caudle-Johnson met with the property owners to measure and document their tree, which they nominated in the categories of size, age, placement in the landscape and interesting story.

"We decided to make Camden our permanent year-round home, coming from New York City and to build," they wrote. "We located the property on High street and felt it was perfect … most of all [because] at the back of the property sat an exquisite ash tree — we [decided] to build the house in the smaller footprint behind the tree and let the ash be the focal point."

Specifications were developed to protect the tree and its critical root zone during construction, they explained. A tree protection zone was established marked with yellow tape and "for the next 10 months, all work and activity — the site work, foundation excavation and construction — was accomplished without [bridging] the boundary." Following construction, the tree has received special follow-up care — pruning and fertilization — to help mitigate the inevitable construction stress.

The Camden Heritage Tree Register, a project of the Camden Conservation Commission, is an effort to document the beautiful and significant trees in the community, both public and private. Included are trees of significance due to their size, historical importance, species rarity and landscape placement, as well as noteworthy Camden treescapes (such as the Amphitheater designed by landscape architect Fletcher Steele and Harbor Park designed by the Olmsted brothers).

Camden citizens and visitors alike are invited to take advantage of the opportunity to memorialize their favorite trees by nominating them to Camden's newly established Heritage Tree Register and to share special stories and history about their nominee.

Nomination forms may be picked up at Camden Town Office, downloaded from the town's website at or obtained by calling 236-6855. Anyone may make a nomination so long as the tree or treescape is within the town of Camden. Complete details about how to submit nominations are printed on the form.

Completed forms should be dropped off or mailed to the town office and are then referred to the Conservation Commission. Douglas Johnson, volunteer arborist for the project, will contact the nominator and meet with them to verify the information about their tree. For more information, contact the Johnsons at 236-6855.