It is difficult for me to understand how people can be so cruel! Whoever placed the six two-week old kittens near the trash compactor in Rockland is not human. They are monsters. They could have taken them to the shelter and given them a chance to live. Whoever you are, you are not part of the human race.

A mother cat, already at the shelter, is nursing the kittens. This mother can has a gunshot wound from another monster!

A happy ending to a very sad story.

Jo Curran


Amazing community

Vose Library in Union held a very successful Plant & Bake Sale on the Common on June 7. Volunteers' efforts raised more than $5,800 for the library.

This community is amazing — whatever the need, folks pitch in to meet it. Thanks to all who called, baked, donated plants, dug, potted, watered, transported, set up, sold and bought.

Here's an example of small-town Maine at its best, and I sure am glad to be part of it!

Elaine Frost



The new Wal-Mart store in Thomaston is sure to bring heavy motor traffic to Route 1. When you have to stop for the traffic lights its bumper-to-bumper with lines of many cars and trucks. Also during the hours of 4 and 5 p.m. people are returning from work and cars are bumper-to-bumper going north and south on Route 1. You wouldn't know by the traffic that gas prices are noticed by motorists.

Gordon Wotton



Correction and Editor's Note: A letter previously posted here was removed for making an accusation against members of the Rockland City Council that has not been confirmed or substantiated as fact.