The Town of Hope was saddened by the loss of a young man — Forest Priestley — who was 18 and graduated from Camden/Rockport High School this year. Sympathy is extended to his family and many friends.

Old Hospital Account

The other day my sister was going through some old papers of our grandmothers (Alice Hunt). Our grandfather Merton Hunt broke his leg and was in the hospital Jan. 21, 1935. The following is some of the accounts that were listed. I thought you might enjoy reading them.

Operating room        $5

Total bill                    $39.66

Discount                   $18

Total for the stay       $21.66

On the back of this paper were some other amounts.

Men's and Women's ward      $5 per day

Maternity Ward                       $3 per day

Children's Ward                      $2 to 3 per day

Semi-private Rooms               $4 per day

Small Ward Rooms                 $4 per day

Private Rooms                        $4 to 7 per day

Special Nurses Board            $1.50 per day

(one nurse)

Special Nurses Board            $2.50 per day

(two nurses)

Operating Room                     $5

Care of New Born Infants        $5 per week

X-Ray Fees                             Based on amount of work done

Laboratory Fees                     Based on amount of work done

Drugs and dressing                At cost to hospital

Remember this was in 1935. Mr. Hunt was the grandfather of Juanita Hunt (Hunt being no relation), Jarvis Johnson, Charlotte Pease and myself. None of us knew this man as he died before we were all born.