Sixth-grade students at the Thomaston Grammar School studied the importance of parks and green spaces as a part of their Spring Expedition called, Got Parks?

The expedition began May 13, with a field trip to Acadia National Park. Prior to the kickoff, students studied the impact of climate change in science class.

During English Language Arts, the students investigated the contributions of three leading men: Frederick Law Olmstead, John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt. They learned how each man promoted the benefits of having parks to preserve natural environments and provide access to green spaces, which all people could enjoy.

In math class the students designed a park by applying their understanding of geometry. While visiting Acadia, park rangers taught lessons on climate change concerns for the park and the problems caused by invasive plants.

They also gave a detailed history of the park and drove to the summit for sightseeing before returning to TGS.

This opportunity was funded through the Georges River Educational Foundation grant program.