A search through Camden Herald archives revealed the following:

1 year ago, 2013

Layoffs impact TriCon Tibbetts employees. Camden – After 68 years Camden's last major manufacturing facility is in the process of shutting its doors. IntriCon Tibbetts, or Tibbetts Industries as it was previously known, was purchased by IntriCon Corp. in 2007. No date has been set, but layoffs will be phased in, according to a press release from the company.

IntriCon Tibbetts, which designs, manufactures and develops miniature and micro-miniature body-worn devices, announced in a June 13 press release a global strategic restructuring plan that includes phased-in layoffs in Camden.

According to Camden Herald archives, Tibbetts Industries opened in 1945, founded by Dr. Raymond Tibbetts, a local osteopath and inventor, to create microphones for the hearing aid industry. Raymond's son George became the youngest ham radio operator in the country in the 1930s and the pair began to experiment with crystals as a way to improve sound quality. Little did they know, that experiment would be the first building block to a company that would thrive for more than a half century. Tibbetts Industries is widely recognized as the pioneer in mini-transducer and telecoil technology.

5 years ago, 2009

Right to dry clothes confirmed. Augusta – The Maine House narrowly approved a bill May 28 that would guarantee the right of people to dry their clothes outside in the sun. The House voted 76-65 to approve LD 73 "An Act to Protect the Right to Use Solar Energy"

This bill prohibits restriction by law, ordinance, regulation, deed, covenant or contract of the installation and use of solar collectors, clothes lines and other equipment for the solar drying of clothing.

The bill was proposed after complaints from residents of some housing developments that there were restrictions on putting clothes outside to dry.

10 years ago, 2004

Town turns out to build playground. Hope – The crew of volunteers building the new playground at Hope Elementary School last Saturday couldn't have asked for better weather.

More than 50 people spent most of the day in the sunshine digging post holes, moving gravel, and piecing together pipes behind the school.

Teacher Heidi Steele said all 50 were volunteers, most of whom were parents. A contingent of servicemen from the Coast Guard base in Rockland also showed up to help.

25 years ago, 1989

Ground-breaking and ceremonies were held for the new United Methodist Church of Camden and Rockport last Sunday at the close of the morning worship service.

50 years ago, 1964

"Voters at Appleton town meeting send high school students to CHS. After 38 years of providing a high school it was voted out 66 to 61 and could have been easily kept if citizens were made aware of what was going on. Six votes would have upset it. Now our high school students are compelled to go to Camden by contract at a cost to the town of $500 per pupil plus and enormous transportation fee, over those hills to Camden a distance of over 16 miles for those in the outlying sections of the own. Anyone that has worked or does work in Camden from Appleton realizes the winter traveling hazards of snow, ice and cold over those hills in cars. What will it be for the bus or buses it will require for transporting 30 pupils or about? Will anyone want that responsibility?

"The meanness of the set-up is that they have to go to Camden High School or pay their own tuition if they wish to go to a high school which is nearer and handier for them.

"If all this is required, no doubt there will be more drop-outs than they have been having. Some will not have the advantage of a high school education at all. Appleton High School has produced some mighty smart graduates. Some who furthered their education and some who did not, but they are out there in respectable positions as teachers, accountants, engineers and in many other high positions. No high school produces a large percentage of scientists or prodigies."

100 years ago, 1914

"Shots were heard on or about High Street on Monday afternoon and not long after was picked up a black billed cuckoo bird which had been shot through the head. As is well known, this bird's food consists principally of the tent caterpillar which is such a pest in this locality."