The following deed transfers were recorded from June 13 to June 20 at Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Donald W. Keene Sr. Estate to Anthony T. Prest and Barbara J. Prest.

Anthony T. Prest and Barbara J. Prest to Patricia Chapman.


William Marshall and Melissa Marshall to Shelby Marshall.

Hazel Garofoli to Russell E. Williams and Bernice E. Simmons.

First Congregational Church and United Church of Christ to Coastal Opportunities.

Kenneth A. Robak and Sharon M. Robak to Kenneth A. Robak.

Constance W. Wallace to Constance Wolyniec Wallace Trust and Constance Wolyniec Wallace Trust.

Valera E. Rohrer Revocable Trust to Carl Peter Ripaldi and Al N. Sanchez.


Catherine Hopler, Mary Olson and Anne Braley to Nancy A. Genthner.

Frances Richardson to Elliot J. Arons and Ellen R. Blye.

Russell B. Worden and Joanne R. Worden to Wayne R. Crandall Trust, Jeromy D. Simmons, and Ramona A. Simmons.


Nicholas W. Wheaton and Angela S. Wheaton to Mark D. Wheaton and Deborah A. Wheaton.

Michael E. McNeil and Deborah E. McNeil to Betty Lou Richards and Patricia Hurlburt.

Sanford B. Ruback Trust and Sanford B. Ruback Revocable Trust to Jean F. Poole.

Owls Head 

Tina M. Brown to Uno R. Ilvonen.

Roland E. Guillette Estate to Linda F. Yanowicz Trust and Roland E. Guillette Trust.


Nancy Rae O'Brien Estate to Sharon Rae O'Brien.

Sharon Rae O'Brien to Sharon Rae O'Brien and Lisa Lynn Wiggin.

Sheri F. Jorden and Robert C. Jorden to Susan C. Walker.


Andrew J. Cavanaugh to Andrew J. Cavanaugh and Deborah Lea McFarland.

Winifred A. Easton Jones Estate and Winifred A. Easton Jones Estate to Onewest Bank FSB and Reverse Mortgage Loan Trust.

Walter H. Knudsen Jr. and Paula B. Knudsen and Michael W. McIlvoy, Linda A. Lester Lester McIlvoy and Linda A. Lester McIlvoy.

Walter J. Simcock Estate to Stephen R. McGraw and Diann C. McGraw.

Danielle Jo Tewmey and Elena M. Arroyo Tewmey.

Finlay B. Matheson Trust and Austin K. Matheson Gallo Trust to Lorraine B. Streat and Philip P. Streat.

William J. Knowlton to David F. Wogalter and Stacie A. Wogalter.

South Thomaston

Michael L. Smith and Jessica K. Smith to Jill S. Pierce and Anthony J. Simaitis Jr.

First NA, Jason A. Butman and Melanie S. Butman to First NA.

St. George

Dale R. O'Neal and Kristin R. O'Neal to Laurel A. Watts.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust to Maine Coastal Habitat Foundation.

Churchill G. Carey Jr. Estate to Stanard T. Klinefelter Trust, Churchill G. Carey Jr., Mary Ann Carey Revocable Trust and Elliot M. Randolph Jr. Trust.


Zachary Marriner to Jeffrey Gallagher and Suzanne Gallagher.


Dodge Real Estate Co. Inc., Union Farm Equipment and Union Farm Equipment Inc. to Keiran Real Estate LLC.


Douglas A. Hall to Bruce W. Avery.


Maria I. Belyea Estate to Garfield L. Belyea Jr. and Renee L. Long.

Patricia Wintyr to James G. McElreavy and Mary Beth Van Keuren.

Jeremy Glasier and Monica Glasier to Jason E. Karam and Monica L. Karam.

Bernice Overlock and Bernice G. Cassidy to Trampus J. Copeland.


Merrill R. Hutchins Estate to April R. Vernesoni.

Jeffrey R. Brown and Jeff Brown to Christopher S. Packard and Pamela J. Packard.