Thomaston Grammar School Student Council hosted the 2nd annual TGS Has Talent show June 13.

The show included 22 acts featuring both students and staff members. The performance began with the National Anthem sung by three seventh-graders, KaleeAnn Miller, Amiah Marquis, and Abby Veilleux. Music teacher, Angela Johnson, accompanied the trio. Masters of Ceremony, Carson Murphy and Logan Jones, assured that the show went smoothly.

The event showcased a variety of acts including song, dance, poetry, and artistic impression. Ryan Morse and Lillie Kuhn were a crowd pleaser with their rendition of "You Are My Sunshine." Fifth-grader, Brianna Keister, impressed the audience with poetry that she had written. Special guests and local star, Cole Barbour, played accompaniment for “Elvis & Ellis,” better known as Aubrey Johnston and educational technician, Greg Ellis.

Principal Susan Stilwell, and teachers Angela Johnson, Anne Pavalkis, Michael Dennett, and Doug Tonner judged the extravaganza. A student created judging rubric assured that all acts were scored with accuracy and consistency. When the scores were totaled, it was Skylar Prior that came out on top with her high-energy, audience-engaging dance to Beyonce’s"Get Me Bodied." In second place was Jenna Cohen who sang along with Carrie Underwood’s "Jesus Take the Wheel." The live “Elvis & Ellis” performance by Aubrey (Elvis) Johnston, Greg Ellis, and Cole Barbour took third place at the event.

The TGS Student Council is an active group at Thomaston Grammar School. Each year, four students from each of the grade levels are officially elected to represent their peers. The group meets weekly and organizes all school dances, several fundraisers, and the TGS Has Talent show. Monies raised by the group are used to provide the extras that may not be included in the school budget or to help those in need.

Most recently, the council decided to provide several yearbooks to students that could not afford to purchase them. Council members include President Kyla Frederick, Vice-President Krista Butler, Secretary Lydia Laslavic, Treasurer Ella Andrews, Mikayla Peasley, Mickayla Hitz, KaleeAnn Miller, Katherine McCue, Carson Murphy, Skylar Prior, Logan Jones, Emma Gerrish, and alternate members Aidan Andrews, Kiras Tavernakis, and Saydee Emery. Fifth-grade teacher Lynn Snow advises the council.