Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District offers congratulations to two Knox County students who were recognized as national winners in the 2013 National Conservation Poster Contest, “Where Does Your Water Shed?”

Liam Callanan, of Appleton Village School, and Elizabeth Flanagan, of Friendship Village School, each received a certificate from the National Association of Conservation Districts for winning an honorable mention in the Grades K-1 and Grades 5-6 divisions, respectively.

The poster contest is part of NACD’s Soil and Water Stewardship Week, the longest running celebration of conservation in the country. Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District sponsors this event every year in Knox and Lincoln counties, giving presentations to participating schools and selecting local and state contest winners in the winter and spring. All state winners are submitted to the national contest for judging.

The 2013 theme “Where Does Your Water Shed?” gave students the opportunity to think about the water they use each day and where it comes from. Through presentations by local conservation districts and classroom teachers, students learned that everyone lives in a watershed and gained an understanding that people all depend on and bear responsibility for keeping water clean. More information about US, state, and local watersheds may be found at

For Knox-Lincoln winners and information about the 2014 poster contest and other District programs, visit, contact Rebecca Jacobs at 596-2040, or email