Art projects, from pen and ink, water colors, pottery, printmaking, oil pastel, sculpture, acrylic…a mix of many different mediums were featured at Oceanside High School West's Fine Arts Night.

This years art program consisted of a Foundations of Art class and Intro to Drawing & Painting with well over half the student population participating in the program.

"Oceanside West held another very successful Fine Arts Night. The variety and quality of the art was absolutely outstanding. Once again, the highlight of the show were the painted chairs crafted by students using the art of famous artists and genres as their inspiration. The event was well-attended by parents and many community members who were all amazed by the student artwork. The chorus and band also added to the night with a wonderful concert," said Oceanside West Principal Larry Schooley in a news release.

"Another great art show passes once again. Displaying the pieces created through our lovely art program. The pinnacle of the year, really, showing off all the hard work of the students under the guidance of Mrs. [Sylvia] Percy; who leads the art program that effects the school so greatly. As a student here, the art program is really beneficial to me as a means of expressing myself through a creative outlet. Our art program has given me the opportunity to greatly improve my artistic ability and create pieces I am proud of, and I know first hand, the same could be said of all the other students enjoying the program as well," said ninth-grade art student Ryan Calamari.

“The art program is a place where many students like to be creative. Even if you have no talent, or think you don’t, there is always something interesting to do and learn. Before you know it, your talent is growing and getting better. I think it is very important to have art in school, it is a different way to learn and view life,"  said eighth-grader Duncan McKnight.