North Atlantic Blue Festival is proud to present the reigning Pinetop Perkins Piano Player of the year. Boogie-woogie and bluesman Victor Wainwright picked up his award in Memphis in May, taking a rare evening off — in 2012 to ‘13, he and his hard-working band played some 300 dates.

Although his lauded career began with genuine rock ‘n' roll honky-tonk, Wainwright has broadened his artistic scope over the years to include music representing virtually every corner of the blues. His insatiable interest in music discovery, sheer love for entertaining and curiosity have led him all around the world, and the resulting perspective is a reflection of his passion for entertaining and creating progressive roots music in an effort to move the art form forward.

A composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Wainwright is a raucous, high-octane crowd pleaser with soul to spare. And the man who bills himself as the Piana From Savannah has put together one powerhouse band including Nick Black, a soulful guitarist, vocalist and arranger who provides an infusion of hip-hop and old school R&B. Drummer Billy Dean is a passionate teacher as well as a master of many genres, bridging the gap between technique and groove. Young bass player Will Hanlon, a native of Memphis, also has played for nationally touring acts of all genres.