From their inception as an all-star showcase for the cream of the West Coast blues crop, The Mannish Boys have gone on to make a career of putting out fresh takes of classic, true-to-roots blues. Taking their name from a classic Muddy Waters song, The Mannish Boys have been nominated for the Blues Music Awards’ Band of the Year two years running; last year, their “Double Dynamite” won the BMA for Traditional Blues Album.

Few blues acts have perfected the tricky maneuver of honoring the storied history of the blues while keeping the music up-to-date as well as The Mannish Boys. The band continues to evolve through the years, seeking out and spotlighting the talents of true blues legends in a setting that stays true to the deep roots of genre. Part of that effort involves digging out and presenting little-known gems from the blues catalog.

The band was conceived as a one-time project, bringing together both blues veterans and young bloods, and the recording label Delta Groove was formed to release the result. The Boys’ rotating cast of vigorous musicians and entertainers have kept things fresh and the band alive with the task of preserving this music and presenting it as a vital, living, breathing entity.

The Mannish Boys’ recent lineup includes Jimi Bott on drums, Willie J. Campbell on bass, Kirk “Eli” Fletcher and Franck "Paris Slim" Goldwasser on guitar, Randy Chortkoff blowing harp and the leading vocals responsibility split between frontmen Finis Tasby and resurrected soul-and-blues Chicago legend Bobby Jones. Others may pop in and out of the lineup; The Mannish Boys always add up to a virtual blues festival in a single band.