Eaton Peabody will present a one-hour talk on The Perils and Pitfalls of Social Media Wednesday, June 25, from noon to 1:30 p.m. at Cappy’s Harbor View Restaurant.

The event, which will include lunch, will offer an opportunity to look at the implications of marketing a business online. The talk is sponsored by Eaton Peabody and Bangor Savings Bank.

With music, images, text and video easily available on numerous electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets, the questions of who has rights to what and how it can be used legally have become muddied. The use and misuse of copyrighted materials and how business owners can enhance their product and business while protecting themselves and their materials are the focus of the luncheon lecture.

With a legal practice that focuses on litigation and dispute resolution regarding libel, privacy and intellectual property issues, Berney Kubetz will explore the legal risks associated with business websites, social media, blogs, and other online marketing and public relations tools. He will help attendees understand what a business owner can do or should not do in order to avoid legal liability in the fast moving digital world.

“What you put online has a long life,” presenter Berney Kubetz of Eaton Peabody explains. “Our seminar is aimed at increasing awareness of potential dangers that can occur with internet marketing. We'll outline how businesses can avoid surprises related to website content and social media and how to navigate through difficult situations when they arise.”

For costs and to sign up, call the Penobscot Regional Chamber of Commerice at 236-4404 or email