Pen Bay Healthcare is offering a patient monitoring solution that allows mother’s to move freely and use hydrotherapy, while still having their babies monitored.

Made possible by a donation from the Cascade Foundation, Pen Bay’s Birth Center was able to purchase six electronic fetal heart rate monitors.

“Receiving these monitors is an important tool for us. Patient safety is a priority of all nurses, these monitors improve mother’s comfort, while maintaining mother/baby safety," said Pen Bay Women’s Health Director Kathleen Hastings.

This equipment has the potential to deliver fetal heart rate and maternal contraction patterns — in virtual real-time directly from the hospital labor and delivery unit to a doctor's computer. This application will give physicians the ability to closely monitor patients 24/7 when they cannot be bedside, allowing anywhere, anytime access to critical patient information. A physician will be able to see a baby's heart rate, a mom's contractions and more from the doctor’s home computer or hospital office. This new equipment is both more versatile and more accurate.

Nicole den Ouden, director of Development Leadership of Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation, also shared Hastings’ enthusiasm of the hospital’s improvement for obstetrics care, “It’s gratifying to see the generosity of our community at work in helping advance the quality of our assessment tools and ultimately, the patient experience.”

The Pen Bay Birth Center offers a variety of childbirth and prenatal education classes to prepare parents for the birth experience and parenting support after birth. Staff include seven lactation consultants (six are internationally board certified). Please call 596-8345 for more information about childbirth education services at Pen Bay Healthcare.