Maine Water has been contacted by several customers over the past few weeks with questions about having their tap water tested. The calls are coming in response to a third party offer to test water quality in the area.

Maine Water is advising its customers that the third party offering to test their tap water is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Maine Water. Further, the water provided by Maine Water to its customers meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements for tap water.

“Maine Water routinely tests its water for over 90 water quality parameters and contaminants, as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act,” stated Judy Wallingford, president of Maine Water, in a news release. Wallingford further stated, “Our water is safe to drink as it comes from the tap, without any additional treatment or filtration. We are proud of the water we provide to our customers, and we encourage any Maine Water customer who has a question about water quality to contact the Company directly at 1-800-287-1643.”

Maine Water prepares an annual water quality report that summarizes the results of water quality testing for the previous year. The Company’s 2013 water quality reports will be available on the Company’s web site at > Customers > Water Quality Reports by the end of June.