The following deed transfers were recorded from May 30 to June 6 at Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Peter R. Anderson and Yvonne Anderson to Amanda Anderson.


Hrant N. Tatian, Carol W. Tatian, Michael Herman and Sophia Herman to Glenn E. Buckingham

Nancy Hope Normandin to Alan J. Talbot.

Mary N. Carlson to Stephanie Laite Lanham.

Brenda Lee Degray to Joseph Ryan and Rylee Ryan.

Tofani Family Revocable Trust, Michael Tofani Trust and Christine R. Tofani Trust to Margaret A. Weston.

Kenneth L. Donoghue and Carmel C. Donoghue to Amy Bryant Fernald, Victoria O. Fernald and Francis J. O'Hara Sr.


Sherrill L. Arey to Jake Barbour Inc.


Howard A. Sukeforth Jr. Estate to Shaun O'Brien.

Kathryn Baxter to Gordon M. Baxter.

Isle Au Haut

Bowdoin W. Davis Jr. to B. Davis Family LLC.

North Haven

Frederick W. Popp Estate to Helen M. Popp.

Helen M. Popp and Helen Popp to Stephen Williams and Claire Williams.

Mariellen S. Schwentker to Andrew E. Schwentker and Frederic F. Schwentker.

Owls Head

Michael F. Tarvainen Estate to William B. Tarvainen and Yvonne T. Prosser.

Lona H. Siebert, Cheryl L. Flowers and Cheryl Lipman to William R. Donnelly.


James M. Nutt, J. Mark Nutt and Patricia E. Nutt to J. Mark Nutt Trust, Patricia E. Nutt Trust and J. Mark Nutt and Patricia E. Nutt Living Trust.

Mark Chamberlin and Geneva Benner Chamberlin to Patrick A. Chamberlin.

Michelle S. Davis and William H. Davis to Richard R. Rydell and Christine J. Rydell.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, National Default Reo Services Atty. and First American Asset Closing Services Atty to Matthew J. Wasgatt.

341 Park LLC, Three Forty One Park LLC to Marine Colloids LLC.

Thomas Lindahl to Jayne Moon.


Wilfred A. Berube to Jeffrey E. Baroody and Jennifer F. Baroody.

Gayle M. Graffam to James H. Graffam Jr. and Sarah A. Graffam.

Andrea Smith Pierce to Joseph A. Gundermann Trust, Jacqueline A. Gundermann Trust and Jacqueline A. Gundermann Revocable Trust.

Bowen F. Marshall to Racine L. Marshall.

Leonard A. Roy and Michelle E. Roy to Daniel V. Winn and Laura E. Winn.

Jeanne C. Fernald to Eric A. Simpson and Kim A. Simpson.

Delores Michelle Hannan to Delores Michelle and Robert L. Hannan .

Randy M. Gagne to Delores Michelle Hannan and Robert L. Hannan.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association to Reginald E. Burleigh.

South Thomaston

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to William Michael Dennis and Kerrie Ann Dennis.

St. George

Joyce C. Stanley Estate to Dennis W. Cushman and Rosemary L. Cushman.

Michael Moran to Ricardo Betancourt and Laura Betancourt.

Rebecca Delaney Con and Ernest Leon Capen Jr. Estate to George A. Gray.


James S. Brown to Racheal A. Brown and John P. Brown.

Earl E. Coates II to David Charles Johanson and Susan Brown Johanson.


Glenn R. Burgess Estate to Matthew B. Burgess.


Kenneth Charles Reidy to My Dieu Caohuy.

Frank J. Basta Jr. to Jennifer A. Wadleigh.


Phillip A. Mullen to Troy Matthew Shaw and Elissa G. Shaw.

Signe D. Stein Estate to Troy Matthew Shaw and Elissa G. Shaw.

Jane Hohmann to Troy Matthew Shaw and Elissa G. Shaw.

Carmen Jean Mullen, Jean Mullen,  Aina Mullen Estate and John Mullen II to Troy Matthew Shaw and Elissa G. Shaw.

Maria Foss to Troy Matthew Shaw and Elissa G. Shaw.

Hilda Collins Estate to Troy Matthew Shaw and Elissa G. Shaw.

Eva Turner Estate to Troy Matthew Shaw and Elissa G. Shaw.

Ellen Marie Hayes to Troy Matthew Shaw and Elissa G. Shaw.

Richard L. Messaline and Virginia L. Messaline to Stanley N. Bernier and Lynda L. Bernier.