After college graduation, the twenties and thirties can be tough — finding the perfect job, figuring out all those adult things people are supposed to do, maybe starting a family and paying off student loans.

The free workshop, "What About Those Student Loans?" will be offered Thursday, June 5, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at University College at Rockland. The program will be sponsored by Midcoast Millennials Mentoring, with guest speaker Linda Buckmaster, employment and training coordinator for Women, Work and Community.

During the workshop, current and recently graduated students will learn about the student loan re-payment process and how to avoid skyrocketing interest payments from deferrals and defaults on loans. The effects of student loan problems on credit score, insurance rates and financial profile will be discussed, as well as how to avoid them. Attendees will learn strategies for developing a personal budget that includes paying back student loans in a timely fashion.

Buckmaster will draw upon 17 years of experience helping women and men develop their careers and manage their personal finances. Women, Work and Community is a state-wide economic development organization founded in 1978.

ForĀ  more information about the workshop or Midcoast Millennials Mentoring, contact Richard Ogle at or 706-6429.