Oceanside West’s Integrated Math/Science class is seeking volunteers.

This year the Integrated Math/Science class (eighth-grade) has picked up the work that was begun two years ago by another group of science and math students when 10 apple trees were planted with money from a teacher-written grant. Two years ago, those students participated in soil testing, mapping and planting.

The current Integrated Math/Science class wrote a grant together and received funding from FMC/Lonza (Rockland); then individual students wrote mini-grants to have additional projects funded. According to Ashby Bartke, eighth-grade math teacher, the student-written grants “involved lots of revision, research [in cost and materials], and planning.”

This spring, some students visited FEDCO in Clinton during the annual tree sale to select and purchase fruit trees. Those trees have now been planted near the original trees.

Though many projects are well under way (construction of a beehive, planting fruit trees and a garden), there’s still a lot to complete before summer, according to Bartke, including installing the beehive, fencing the area, planting a pollinator-friendly ground cover and starting a bee garden. The most exciting part, Bartke says, is that “students are already talking about next-step improvements, including paths, mulching, perennial flowers and cold frames.”

Sunday, June 1, at noon, interested volunteers are needed to install the fencing around the new orchard and garden — no skills or experience necessary. Lunch, all building materials, and plenty of enthusiasm will be provided. Please bring shovels and work gloves. Rain date is Sunday, June 8. If you have questions, please call Oceanside West at 354-2502.