The warblers are coming…the warblers are coming. Spring migration is well underway and the warblers are the stars as they make their way from their tropical homes to their breeding grounds in the northeast. Mid-coast observers have already spotted many of these very colorful little birds as they flit through the tree tops. More are coming.

Monhegan Island is one of the best places on the east coast to observe these tiny birds as they move north. So with that in mind, Midcoast Audubon has scheduled a field trip there Saturday, May 24. Those who wish to participate will meet at the Monhegan Boat Line dock in Port Clyde for the 7 a.m. ferry. Participants can call the boat line at 372-8848 to schedule a reservation. Questions can be addressed to trip leaders Dennis McKenna at 563-8439 or John Weinrich at 563-2930.