Several students at Lura Libby School in Thomaston and Cushing Community School were recognized at an assembly, for exemplifying kindness at the schools. They received Kindness Counts awards.

Lura Libby School

Ryley Beaudry is always willing to help a friend and often lets others go first in a game or activity. She is also always looking out for the safety of her classmates.

Catriona Burnett is the kind of friend who, if she sees someone alone on the playground she will make sure they're OK. If someone doesn’t have a partner for a game, she will ask them to join her group.

Jason Keating brought in games for the class to use during indoor recess. He also donated food for the classroom goldfish. He is very wise and gives great advice.

Christopher Mansfield is friendly to every student who walks through the door. He includes everyone in his play and is the first to see if others are OK when they look upset.

Gareth Peasley has wonderful manners and is polite to everyone. He is always willing to help a friend and can be counted on to make good choices.

Olivia McKenzie helps her friends with spelling, reading, and finding lost items. She helps new students adjust to classroom routines and eagerly helps with classroom chores.

Michaela Smith is always polite and often helps her classmates. She models the “golden rule:” Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Troy Colson is always ready to help his classmates. He is a kind boy and helps pick up the classroom.

Madison Lempke loves to help others. She gives compliments to people, is a wonderful friend, and is always forgiving.

Izabella Simmons is helpful to her classmates by sharing school materials, and is willing to be a friend when someone is feeling sad. She is patient and gentle.

Morgan Gehouskey always makes an effort to make others feel good about themselves. She works hard to make good choices and makes sure others are included in activities.

The family of Madison and Jacob Gibbs are the first family to receive the Kindness Counts Award at Lura Libby School. They reviewed supply wish lists that the teachers created and donated many classroom supplies to the school.

Cushing Community School

Ana Underhill is a respectful, warm-hearted young lady. Ana models kind, caring behavior every day, in and out of the classroom. She is a willing helper to her fellow classmates and to her teacher.

Hayzel Poland goes above and beyond to be kind to her peers and teachers. She enjoys helping her peers and sharing with them. She is loved by her peers and is a fair, kind, and friendly addition to the second grade classroom.

Always ready with a hug, a smile, a kind word for everyone, a helping hand to one and all — those are just some of the things that make Laney Fales the right person for the Kindness Counts Award. Laney has the knack for finding something good in every situation.