The Penobscot Bay Chapter of the Maine Maritime Academy Alumni Association will hold a dinner meeting Tuesday, May 20, starting at 5:30 p.m. at Trackside Station Restaurant, 4 Union St.

A social time will be followed by dinner, a business meeting and a presentation by Doug Read, assistant professor of engineering at Maine Maritime Academy.

A naval architect, Read has worked with a team of midshipmen to design, develop and test a trimaran hull for lobster boats. The trimaran hull allows for a wide stable working platform with significantly lower fuel consumption than conventional lobster boat designs. Models were tank tested first at Webb Laboratory in Long Island, N.Y. and more recently, after three years of design and construction work, at a testing facility in San Diego Harbor, Calif. Professor Read may bring some of his hull models to display.

For more information or to make a dinner reservation, Maine Maritime Academy alumni may call Chapter President John Metcalfe at 785-4531.