On April 29, Lura Libby School teachers and staff presented a Family Literacy Night for students and their families.

More than 40 families attended this event, which included a dinner of soups, made by the staff, bread, fresh fruit salad and milk.

Families participated in activities that included The Case of the Missing Nursery Rhyme, where families helped to solve mysteries, based on popular nursery rhymes.

Children and parents wrote spring-themed poetry. The families competed against each other in the ever-popular Jeopardy where questions about grammar, spelling, and reading were on the board. They played games and made clocks for an interactive reading session with the book "The Grouchy Ladybug." The students made a fishing game to practice sight words and letter sounds. Families were introduced to the many offerings from the Internet with free books available for download. Families were read stories that facilitated movement, and were moving and grooving throughout the entire event.