Last spring the crews of Station Maine, Oceanside High School Alternative Education and Rockland District Middle School made a project of cleaning up the broken glass on Sandy Beach in Rockland’s South End.

The combined crews of young people took up more than 100 pounds of sharp glass shards.

The South End beach area known as Sandy Beach has become a draw for local residents as well as visitors to the area as a result of a significant investment of money by the city of Rockland to capture wastewater and storm-drain run-off. For many years, this beach area was off limits to swimming for health reasons. Just a few years ago, the area was reopened to swimming as a result of the city’s efforts. What remained, however, was a significant accumulation of broken glass — the result of many years of careless or intentional disposal of bottles on the rocks around the beach area.

This year students and teachers went back to, once again, reclaim the beach. On April 29, high school students and staff from the Oceanside Alternative Ed program and Station Maine were picking up broken glass and delighted to see how little glass there is on the beach in comparison to last year.