Pen Bay Medical Center has been committed to a patient- and family-centered approach to care since 2010.

At that time, a patient and family advisory council was formed to give patients and families a voice in decisions affecting patient care and family experiences at Pen Bay Medical Center. Now entering its fourth year, the Pen Bay Partners in Care Council serves to highlight the partnership between patients, families and the hospital.

The current council meets monthly at the Pen Bay Physicians Building, and includes community representatives from Knox and Waldo County as well as liaisons from Pen Bay Healthcare. In the past three years, the council has had an important role making changes at Pen Bay, including suggestions for improving the patient billing experience, improvements in the Emergency Department and increasing healthy food choices in vending machines. This year, the council is working to increase the patient-friendliness of the outpatient lab and primary care office hours and supporting Pen Bay’s efforts to encourage greater employee engagement.

Council members include Joanne Billington, Rockland; Bill Eberle, Thomaston; Stephen Hanscom, Rockport; Barbara Hart, Rockport; Alan Leo; Thomaston; Marty Martens, Camden; Patricia Welte, Camden; Debbie Wheelock, Tenants Harbor and Arlene Day, Lincolnville. Representatives on the council from Pen Bay Healthcare are the vice president of nursing services, director of marketing and communications and the patient experience coordinator.

The Partners in Care Council is one of the many ways Pen Bay Healthcare involves families as partners with the people who provide their healthcare. Involving patients on our councils and committees exemplifies core concepts of partnership care: dignity and respect; information sharing; and participation and collaboration.

The Partners in Care are currently recruiting new community members from demographics not yet represented on the council. Please contact Pen Bay Patient Relations for more information at 596-8495 or