Horticulturist Sharon Turner will lead a presentation on gardening and landscaping for birds at Merryspring Nature Center Tuesday, May 13, at noon.

Birds need insects to eat and to feed to their young. Insects need plants — often very specific plants. The practice of gardening with non-native plants has interrupted eons of evolution that have formed critical relationships that support native insects and birds. Turner’s talk will emphasize the importance of restoring native plants to the garden to attract native insects and birds. The program will address which plants to place in different types of gardens, and which specific plants attract certain bird species.

Turner is a certified Master Gardener, consultant, educator, and designer based in Washington. She specializes in heirloom and open-pollinated vegetable and flower seedlings, as well as native perennials, shrubs, and trees. She grows for FedCo seeds.

This talk is part of the Spring Lecture Series at Merryspring, sponsored by The First. Admission to Tuesday Talks is free for members of Merryspring, with a $5 fee for non-members.