Cindy Gerry, gardens manager of Merryspring Nature Center, will present an Introduction to Gardening workshop Tuesday, May 13, at 7 p.m. at Camden Public Library.

The event is part of the “Let’s Get Growing” series at the Library during May.

This talk will focus on basic gardening issues for the novice gardener. “We will talk about everything from dirt to tools,” said Gerry. “I will show and tell you what has worked for me, and what can work for you. I hope to get you thinking about where to place your garden, how to prepare the site and a few simple design elements — things that are worth considering before you pick up that shovel or buy a plant. And if you have inherited a garden that has been neglected or does not meet your esthetic needs we will talk about how to work with what is there with an eye towards getting it to where you want it. We will look at ‘good’ plants and ‘bad’ plants and things to consider when shopping for or growing them. There will be tips on maintenance such as pruning, watering and fertilizing.

“These topics will be approached from the aspect of frugality in both time and money. Bring questions, bring answers, or just come and watch and listen. I have made lots of mistakes and maybe I can help prevent you from making the same ones! As gardeners, experienced or not, we all learn from one another.”

A native Mainer, Gerry has lived in Greece, Saudi Arabia, and on both east and west coasts of United States. She has been a professional gardener in the Midcoast area since moving back to Maine in 2000.