“Woman on Wire” will be on display throughout the month of May at the Camden Public Library.

The exhibit is a collection of oil paintings by Angela Anderson depicting the famous Flying Wallendas circus troupe. Anderson shares her love of the circus through her paintings, and has been working with the Wallenda family for several years. The opening reception will be held Saturday, May 3, from 2 to 5 p.m. in the Picker Room at the library, and the artist will give a gallery talk at 3 p.m. All are welcome.

Anderson is a Maine native and resident; her solo exhibition “Woman on Wire” is a continuation of her Circus Series. This show features very large and very small works, from 3-by-4-inch to 52-by-72-inch, based on photographs taken of The Flying Wallendas Family Circus. Anderson’s love of the circus subject “comes from my own interest in performance, art, and family,” she said in a news release. The Wallenda troupe was at the Union Fair in 2010, where Andersen first caught them, and the fever to make paintings of them has been ongoing since that August.

The Wallendas own Anderson’s artwork and bring her backstage as part of their crew in the venues where they play annually. The work is especially focused on Aurelia Wallenda, hence the title of the show “Woman on Wire.” The paintings show a play on space and light surrounding different poses of the female figure. Balancing color, movement, and energy, the series has evolved from amazement with the Wallendas’ tricks and feats to a study that is now more focused on painterly materials and methods. Round paintings will be shown for the first time in this exhibit – because circus comes from circle, and with the idea of being in the ring. Also on view will be studies alongside final pieces, showing more of the painter’s process and progress in arriving at compositions. Concurrent with another solo exhibition in New Hampshire “Walk the Line” in Portsmouth, the presentation shows a prolific painter’s progress, mostly all created in the past year.

For more information about the artist, and to see paintings online go to: angelaandersonpaintings.com, or look her up on Facebook/Twitter.