For many people, Earth Day is about respecting the planet, planting trees, cutting down on waste, and reducing pollution. At Horch Roofing, Earth Day is celebrated not only on April 22, but every day of the year.

When Peter Horch started his roofing company, he would drive down into the landfill at the Camden dump to dispose of his debris from his recent roofing jobs. As his company grew, one of his employees began making the trips instead. One fall, when Horch had to fill in for an employee, he arrived at the dump and was shocked by what he saw.

The same landfill, which he once had to drive down, was now a huge mountain. He realized as he drove upward that he was driving on top of some of his own debris.

“That mountain is never going to go away,” Horch said. “It will be there until my great-grandchildren are living here. And I thought, ‘I just don’t want to do it anymore.’”

In April 2010, after extensive brainstorming and researching different partnerships and strategies, Horch Roofing developed their Reroof and Recycle Program and began to recycle 100 percent of its roofing debris. The debris pulled from their customers’ roofs is now housed in a holding pit on-site until it can be transported to CPRC Group in Scarborough. The debris is “source separated” by CPRC Group using a large magnet to separate the metal nails from asphalt shingles. The nails are then cleaned and sent to the metal market. The shingles are ground up and combined with other recycled products to become a recycled aggregate that can be used on roads, parking lots, and other locations. The aggregate is similar in texture to crushed gravel.

To date, Horch Roofing has recycled 3,025,600 pounds of roofing debris. Since starting this initiative, recycling has become deeply engrained in their company culture. The crew not only recycles roofing debris, but also does their part to make sure water bottles, cans, and paper products are recycled as well. The company’s commitment to recycling has become incredibly important to all members of the Horch Roofing team.

Earth Day continues to be an important date on Horch Roofing’s calendar, but Horch and his team also know that it takes more than one day of the year to focus on reducing your carbon footprint. That’s why they celebrate Earth Day every single day of the year.