Trekkers’ 10th-grade students recently completed a four-week Life Skills Course designed to help them gain professional skills and knowledge by interviewing at local area businesses.

This Life Skills Course is part of Trekkers’ Cross America program that is presented each year to high school sophomores.

Professionals from Bangor Savings Bank, Camden National Bank, The First Bank, Fisher Engineering, Lonza Rockland and Machias Savings Bank hosted this year’s mock interviews at their workplaces April 8, 9 and 16.

The Life Skills Course, led by Program Manager Emily Carver, included training in resume-writing, professional etiquette and dress, self-confidence and answering interview questions. Each student created an online resume to share with the participating interviewers. Students dressed professionally and participated in a 20-minute mock interview as if they were applying for employment at their assigned worksite.

“Trekkers wants to thank all of the local businesses who participated in this year’s interview process. The experience is invaluable for our students. Participating in this process gives them an understanding of professional etiquette and introduces them to trusting and compassionate professionals from our community. It gives the students the opportunity to experience the nerves, excitement and accomplishment of a successful interview, and every student comes out with more confidence and self assurance than they had when they went in,” said Program Manager Emily Carver in a news release.

Having completed this prerequisite requirement, Trekkers’ sophomore class is now preparing for their 14-day Cross-America expedition that takes place in late July to mid-August. Along with caring adult mentors from the community, the group will explore the Rocky Mountains region of Colorado. They will visit several national parks, such as Mesa Verde, Arches, and Canyonlands National Park. They will also complete a service project and participate in a cultural exchange during their educational expedition.

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