Millennials — those between the ages of 18 and 33 (also known as Generation Y) — currently confront many challenges not faced by previous generations.

Following the 2008 Great Recession, they frequently find themselves having to pay off large amounts of college debt in an era of high un-/under-employment. Many live with their parents, and are being forced to shelve plans for buying a first home, starting a family, or even embarking on the career of their choice.

A group of experienced adults in the Midcoast area recently decided to set up an organization to help address this situation, and Midcoast Millennials Mentoring or M3 was born. The kick-off meeting will be held Friday, April 25, from 5.30 to 7 p.m., University College at Rockland (URock), 91 Camden St., Rockland.

M3 will be a positive, forward-looking, community-based group. Its primary aim is to provide support to 20-somethings in starting their own businesses, paying off student debt, getting access to quality healthcare, finding a steady job, or even just figuring out what they really want to do. The group will be peer run, with mentors available to conduct open group mentoring conversations and act as an informational resource.

Mentors will include seasoned entrepreneurs, business owners, educators, marketers, environmentalists, writers, healthcare professionals, lawyers, and others.

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