Team Go! Malawi is meeting at the Speakeasy Lounge, below The Chowder House Restaurant, Wednesday, April 30, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Go! Malawi is looking for a few good people and runners. The team consists of local runners who “Run with a purpose, for a purpose” and their goal is to send 40 students to school to receive an education and a chance at a productive life. There is no free public education in Malawi, which is the largest factor that contributes to the cyclic poverty pandemic in Malawi.

“These orphaned children can’t rise above their underprivileged status without our help,” states Janet Littlefield, Midcoast Maine native and founder and director of Go! Malawi, a small nonprofit that directs a 5K race series and other running opportunities in the area.

Littlefield adds; “Our team raises funds so children will have the opportunity to attend school and unlock their potential.” Additionally Littlefield's nonprofit works on sustainable solutions to boost the economy, and in turn provide awareness about the benefits of school in rural Malawi.

The GO! Malawi running team focuses on one piece, education. They believe that education or lack thereof, is a major factor that directly correlates with the overall health, poverty and well being of individuals, families and communities! “It is staggering the changes within, and the positive difference between an educated and uneducated young Malawian female. The doors that open, the confidence that builds, it’s simply amazing!”

Team members will run a destination half or full marathon in San Antonio, Texas on Dec. 7 and the funds raised will enable four kids to finish college, and 40 more to continue in secondary school. To learn more please join them at the Speakeasy Lounge at The Chowder House on the evening of April 30.

For further info go to or email Janet Littlefield at: