To celebrate the season of peepers, crocuses and robins, Coastal Children's Museum Program Coordinator Megan Rogers will present a puppet show entitled “It’s Spring time by the Sea Side,” Thursday, April 17, from 11 to 11:30 a.m.

Written by Rogers, this short puppet show for children ages 2 to 5 follows two bunnies as they sing about mud, little robin redbreast and learn about the harbingers of spring. There is even a visit by an adventurous albeit, itsy bitsy spider.

The Coastal Children’s Museum takes its exhibits and activities on the road sometimes for local preschools, libraries and community organization but, the idea of the puppet show was actually suggested to her by a local librarian.

“Jean Young, the children’s librarian from the Rockland Public Library, asked if I could do a puppet show for her weekly story time programming and I said, “Why not!” said Rogers in a news release.

The first show she wrote was “Hurry up and Wait” where a fidgety bunny explores strategies for waiting for her friend. Not only was the story intended to explore ideas of patience and self control, the very format of the puppet show itself helps too.

“Jean wanted to give the children an opportunity to watch a show from start to finish, a task that for a 2-year-old is very challenging.” While sitting still may be hard for toddlers, the performance is something Rogers finds difficult. “I had a lot of fun weaving songs and different types of puppets into the stories but I was surprised by the physicality of puppeteering. Holding my hands over my head for even the ten minutes of my show was exhausting!”

The show is included in the price of admission and open to all visitors of the museum. For more information about events coming up or memberships available visit or find them of Facebook.