Robert McKay, senior vice president, Camden Financial Consultants, is announces Charlie White has joined his team as the financial consultant serving the Midcoast.

“Charlie is constantly devoting his time to product knowledge. As the economy changes it is very important to understand what new strategies and time tested strategies are working. Often it’s a combination of several programs that form the best solution for his clients,” said McKay in a news release.

White has more than 10 years of financial services experience spending several years in the Boston area. White feels that while the experience and education he received from working out of state was invaluable, he now enjoys the opportunity to devote time to building strong relationships with clients that he can work closely with in his home community.

“I take my role as an investment advisor very seriously. I enjoy spending time with my clients developing solutions to common and complex issues; from estate planning to wealth management to tax efficiency. I believe that it is important to have good communication with your advisor in order to develop a program that will satisfy short term and long term needs,” said White.

A native of Machias, Charlie now lives in Rockland enjoying the incredible fishing, sailing, and hiking that coastal Maine has to offer.