On Saturday, March 29, MoveOn members and other concerned residents will gather on the Village Green in Camden to demand that Gov. Paul LePage and Republican legislators agree to accept federal Medicaid funding.

This event is part of a national day of action in support of Medicaid expansion and affordable health care access. Seventy-five events have been planned nationwide.

As many as five million Americans are currently being denied access to affordable health care because Republicans in nearly two dozen states have refused to expand Medicaid, according to a news release from MoveOn. Expanding Medicaid would be a huge bargain for Maine: 100 percent of the costs would be borne by the federal government through 2016, and 90 percent thereafter, and 24,390 residents would benefit, according to an estimate from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The local organizer of the event, Dora Lievow, said she decided to plan an event in support of Medicaid expansion because, “I realized I was spending too much time shaking my head about this and I needed to do something. Ensuring that all Mainers have access to affordable health care is the right thing to do. This is who we are; we help our neighbors. If we could afford to do it one by one, we would. Medical care is so critically important, it’s hard to believe anyone can declare it 'too expensive.' We should be working on other ways to get the costs down besides abandoning more than 1 out of every 50 Mainers. And one of the main factors that drives up the cost is the use of our emergency rooms for acute treatment of chronic conditions.”

MoveOn Members will be gathering for a “honk and wave” event with signs and handing out fliers from noon to 1 p.m.