The following cases were closed in Knox County Superior Court Sept. 23-27:

Xavier Daniels, 21, of Rockland, criminal threatening, carrying a concealed weapon, 60 days in Knox County Jail.

Allaura T. Elliott, 23, of Nobleboro, two counts of unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs, dismissed.

Steven L. Farrington, 38, of Bangor, two counts of theft by unauthorized use of property, priors, six months in jail; violating condition of release, 90 days in jail, operate after habitual offender revocation, three priors, $1,000 fine, four years in prison, all but two years suspended, two years probation; failure to give correct name, address, or date of birth, 90 days in jail.

Jason C. Moulton, 31, of Searsport, trafficking in prison contraband, dismissed; unlawful possession of scheduled drug, 15 months in prison, $400 fine.

Khidhr Ai Odom, 20, of Camden, operating while license suspended or revoked-OUI, $600 fine, seven days in jail, license suspended one year; operating under the influence, two priors, $1,100 fine, two years in prison, all but six months suspended, probation two years, license suspended six years, registration suspended.

Candice Owens, 33, of Belmont, unlawful possession of scheduled drugs, $400 fine, 364 days in jail, all but seven days suspended, probation one year.

David Parker, 44, of Warren, two counts of unlawful possession of scheduled drug, dismissed; two counts of trafficking in prison contraband, six months in prison.

Jared J. Small, 36, of Norridgewock, operating after habitual offender revocation with a prior, $1,000 fine, three years in jail with all but nine months suspended, two years probation.

Benjamin S. Ten Broeck, 35, of Washington, unlawful furnishing of scheduled drugs, $400 fine, two years in prison with all but 30 days suspended, two years probation; unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs, dismissed.

Lawrence Thayer Wotton, 26, of Lewiston, misuse of identification, probation violation, 30 days in jail; theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, probation violation, 45 days in jail, probation partially revoked, probation continued; forgery, three years in jail, all but eight months suspended, probation two years, $2,817 restitution.