With five breast cancer survivors, all associated with Maine State Police, looking on, the first State Police cancer awareness license plate was attached to a Maine State Police cruiser Sept. 30.

Col. Robert Williams, chief of state police said his department’s marked police cruisers will display the plate during October — Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The plates were purchased by the Maine State Police Trooper’s Association and will later be auctioned off as collector’s items by the Maine Cancer Foundation, with the proceeds benefiting three Maine cancer groups.

“We all know someone that has been affected by breast cancer. The state police is no different. We have had co-workers, family members and friends all stricken with this devastating disease. Last year the Maine State Troopers Association came forward with a project to help those affected by breast cancer. When they approached me with what they had in mind, I could not have agreed more. The project will run throughout the month of October, which is also National Breast Cancer Awareness month," he said.