The following deed transfers were recorded at Knox County Registry of Deeds Sept. 23 through Sept. 27.


Eitan Siegal to David B. Siegal and Shoshana Siegal.

Ellen J. LaClaire and Phillip M. LaClaire to Paul J. Kolter and Anna W. Kolter.


Collen G. Oittinen and Collen A. Oittinen to Bernard K. Murphy and Dawn P. Murphy.

Jane H. Hills to Vernon Dent LLC.

Simon T. Eisen and Christine J. Eisen to Suzanne S. Chamberlain Trust, Rodney G. Chamberlain Trust, Suzanne S. Chamberlain Trust and Rodney G. Chamberlain Trust.

Hastings Harbor LLC to LTTC Maine LLC.

Mary Orcianelli to Linda Preissel.

Winifred A. Easton Jones Estate and Winefred A. Easton Jones Estate to Michael F. Gregston and Meredith T. Gregston.

Dale J. Turk and Meloni Turk to Ernest G. Barbieri and Donna I. Barbieri.

Mary M. McConnell Estate to Barbara J. Toler.


Machias Savings Bank to Gaunt Neck Farm LLC.

Machias Savings Bank to Gaunt Neck Farm LLC.


U.S. Bank NA Trust, Manufactured Housing Contract Senior Subordinate and Green Tree Servicing LLC attorney to Colleen K. Vickers and Michael W. Vickers.

William Case and Lynn Case to Harlan L. Wallace.

Harlan L. Wallace to William Case and Lynn Case.

David A. Hovell Jr. to Gail Pellett.

Gail Pellett to David A. Hovell Jr.

Gail Pellett to William Case and Lynn Case.

William Case and Lynn Case to Gail Pellett.


Jennifer M. Kunn to James R. Lane and Jessica L. Lane.

Owls Head

James R. Sprague Trust and Linda G. Sprague 2012 Revocable Trust to Barbara Rachel Sprague Newsam, Barbara S. Naeger and James R. Sprague.

Harold E. Shapiro Trust and Harold E. Shapiro Revocable Trust to Kimberly J. Olson.


Gail E. Welch and Trudy K. Richmond to Morgan Kirkham, David H. Kirkham and Kirstina L. Kirkham.

City of Rockland to Mid Coast Habitat for Humanity Inc.

Rachel Libby to Rachel Libby and Gregory P. Libby.

David J. Beaster Sr. and Joan L. Beaster to John P. Douglas.

Roy G. Davis to Paul E. Budd and Melissa A. Shuler.

Jonathan G. Armbrecht, Mollie Guerrero and Mollie M. Dusinberre to Michael A. Root.


Stephen E. Coit and Susan J. Napier to Stephen E. Coit Trust, Susan J. Napier Trust, 90 Beaucham Point Road Nominee Trust and Ninety Beauchamp Point Road Nominee Trust.

Mari M. Jones, Mari M. Jones Wolterstorff, Robert Woltersdorff, Jeffrey J. Jones and Tamara B. Jones to Robert J. McAulay and Linda J. McAulay.

Eliza J. Richards to Lloyd D. Richards.

William Alexander Geath to William Alexander Gaeth and Alison G. Gaeth.

Rebecca R. Davis to Gerald F. Wood and Barbara R. Wood.

Donald D. Gottshall and Priscilla J. Gottshall to Lucie E. Lemaitre.

Janet E. Baker to Ian R. Bernstein and Anne E. Bernstein.

John M. Kosmalski Trust and John M. Kosmalski Revocable Trust to Ralph D. Mackey and Susie Mackey.

Marlene C. Davis to Marlene C. Davis Trust and Marlene C. Davis Revocable Living Trust.

Margaret F. Brown to John F. Malcolm and Sheila L. Malcolm.

Judith A. Souder to Johseph A. Gunderman Trust, Jacqueline A. Gunderman Trust and  Jacqueline A. Gunderman Revocable Trust.

South Thomaston

Frances Anne Thomann Trust and VanWormer Family Trust to Cristina Hebner Mayhew.

Molly W. Harvey and Molly J. white to Molly W. Harvey and Jacob F. Harvey.

Peter West Ames to Deborah A. Ames.

Paul O'Hara to Virgina Ann O'Hara and Paul O'Hara.

St. George

Dorothy B. Rouse to Dorothy B. Rouse and William Rouse.

Robert D. Jenkins Estate to Anne J. Swager Trust and Robert D. Jenkins Declaration of Trust.

Maine State Housing Authority, Camden National Bank attorney, Steven E. Hallett and Brooke A. Hallett to Maine State Housing Authority.

Dorothy Baum Rouse to Jeffrey S. Boulet and Maeve C. Oregan.

Frances S. Keene to Robert B. Keene.

Camden National Bank, Bradely T. Anderson and Katherine E. Crandall to Shamrock Storage LLC.


Todd E. Boynton to Amy S. Carter Boynton and Amy C. Boynton.


Ronald Valentine Estate to Serena Berube and Gitana Valentine.


John T. Harrington Trust, Paul J. Tilleman Trust and John T. Harrington and Deborah R. Harrington Revocable Trust to Vinalhaven Land Trust Inc.


JT Mohler Avery and Avery JT Mohler to Stanley J. Piasczyk and Myra S. Piasczyk.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Leland Boggs II and Valerie R. Boggs.


Ronald R. Achorn and Donna A. Achorn to Ronald R. Achorn Jr.

Gary A. Tilton to Estelle Miller and Joseph Lyon.