Twenty five members of the Camden High School class of 1951 enjoyed Sunday brunch at the Samoset Resort Sept. 15 to collectively celebrate their 80th birthdays. In 2013, the classmates all are enjoying their 80th or 81st year, and most have lived their years in Camden or the Midcoast area.

Two notable statistics, according to Parker Laite Sr, a member of the class of 1951, are that when one includes the numbers of the other members of the class who were not able to attend the party, on average, more than 50 percent of the class has lived to the age of 80. This is from a class of 53 students. And 26 percent married within the class (seven couples) and they all stayed married.

The couples that married within the class are James McGrath and Jane Robbins (both deceased), Parker S. Laite Sr. and Irene Fitzsimmons (Irene deceased), Joyce Robbins and Robert Collermore, Orman Goodwin and Blanch Leonard, Frank Stearns and Grace Galanti, and Robert Rowe and Arlene Edgecomb.