Thomas Hepp will present Wellness 101 at the regular Wellness Brown Bag Lunch, co-hosted by the Camden Public Library and the Pen Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce Monday, Oct. 7, at noon at the library.

“According to The World Health Organization, the Japanese are the healthiest population in the world and have the most affordable and effective system of any nation,” said Hepp in a news release. “As the cost of health care in the US continues to rise beyond affordability, it may be to our advantage to take a closer look at alternative ways of staying healthy based on the Japanese model.”

In Hepp’s presentation and discussion, he will show why the US health care system is so expensive and how to lower costs and at the same time enjoy a healthy affordable lifestyle.

For 15 years, Hepp has worked as an independent consultant with the Japanese Health Research Institute. Through the philosophy of the five pillars of health: Healthy Body – Healthy Mind – Healthy Finances – Healthy Family – Healthy Society, he uses his lifestyle as an example to help others discover ways to improve their health and regain financial control of their lives. He lives in Charleston, S.C. and is a summer resident of Appleton.

The presentation will cover ways to approach staying healthy, personal responsibility, creating one's own wellness plan, and recommendations, with time for question and answer and discussion.