A group of local people interested in supporting and examining their self-awareness and healing have found a useful tool in the energy work of ReConnective Therapy.

RCT can be experienced in private sessions, group sessions, and in healing intensives. RCT works with the physical and the energetic bodies in lovingly subtle yet profound ways.

On Tuesday, Oct. 1 an informational gathering for those interested in learning about RCT and an upcoming healing intensive will be held at 6 p.m. at The Start Center, 37 Start Road, Camden.

The gathering will be hosted by Camden RCT practitioner Margaret Rauenhorst and include participants of previous healing intensives, including Linda Cote-Small, Ronald vanHeeswijk, Rickey Celentano, and Sharon Adamsky. Good snacks will be provided and a free group RCT treatment will be facilitated after the meeting for those interested in participating.

The RCT Healing Intensive will be held in Camden in January and facilitated by Herwig Schoen. It is a three-day program limited to 20 participants who feel called to serve their own healing process. The intensive involves both conscious and subconscious energy work that opens up patterns for healing that have been locked for a long time, resulting in a powerful process of transformation and self-awareness.

For more information contact Margaret at 236-8139 or margaret@thestartcenter.org or visit the websites thestartcenter.org and ReConnectiveTherapy.com.