Local historian Hank Lunn will give a presentation on Camden’s experience in the War of 1812 Tuesday, Oct. 8, at 7 p.m, based on diaries and historical records.

While the United States and the British Empire were contesting land and sea boundaries, the people of Camden were dealing with these conflicts on a very personal level.

“With Yankee shrewdness and determination, they found ways to survive alongside their enemies — often hand in glove,” said Lunn in a news release. “The local clash involved smuggling and skirmishes, embargoes and privateering, broadsides and bartering as our forebears struggled to keep their lands and their heads.”

“Researching Camden and the War of 1812 was always exciting and amusing,” added Lunn. “Looking at history through the eyes of the people living during that time made history come alive. Many of the names of characters in the story are still found in our town today — this is truly living history!”

“Thanks to the Camden History Center staff and the excellent reference library, the story was at my fingertips from John Locke’s 1859 history of Camden and other sources at the center. Additional material has been gathered through my personal reading and the Internet.”

Lunn’s presentation is part of Discover History Month during October. Lunn has given frequent talks at the library, often in the garb and persona of his ancestor Abiel Briggs.