Bob and Judy Zeitlin of Friendship just signed Medomak Valley Land Trust’s newest conservation easement.

This 50-acre saltwater parcel on Martin Point in Friendship is traversed by a well developed network of trails that will be open to the public for quiet non-mechanized daytime use, including hiking, birdwatching, and in the winter, cross-country skiing and skating on Crystal Pond.

The Zeitlins began expanding the trail system shortly after they purchased the property. The trails have always been shared with neighborhood residents, but the Zeitlins wanted to protect the property from further development and allow more people to enjoy the trail system. They approached MVLT to learn more about ways to conserve their property, and decided that a conservation easement was the best approach.

“While it was the ocean and sailing that initially brought Judy and me to Friendship close to 30 years ago, we soon discovered the magical attraction of the woodland area behind our home” said Bob Zeitlin in a news release. “At some point we started building a network of trails to better access this wonderfully diverse, pristine forest environment, and later began inviting neighbors and friends to share in the enjoyment of it as well. Establishing a conservation easement to forever preserve and maintain it seemed like the next logical step. The Medomak Valley Land Trust provided us with the encouragement and expertise to make this dream come true, and under the able and patient guidance of Joan Ray, their land protection and stewardship specialist, we have now dedicated 50 acres from the shore of Muscongus Bay to Crystal Pond to the creation of The Martin Point Wildlife Reserve. We invite others to share in the quiet beauty of this area for hiking, bird watching, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing….or just for a leisurely walk in the woods.”

With their donation, Bob and Judy are joining a growing group of people determined to preserve natural treasures for future generations.

“MVLT is extremely grateful to Bob and Judy for their generosity and foresight in protecting this important place, and for opening this amazing trail network to the public” said Liz Petruska, MVLT’s executive director.

For more information about the Martin Point Wildlife Reserve, or for trail maps or directions, please contact the land trust’s Waldoboro office at 832-5570 or stop by the office at 25 Friendship St. in Waldoboro.