The following deed transfers were recorded from Sept. 6 to Sept.13 at Knox County Registry of Deeds.




T and J Holdings LLC to Gabrielle A. Gould.


Benjamin L. Magro to Eliza Delia Magro.


Donald I. Bartlett to Edward J. Bartlett.




Katharine Ward Parker to Alexander Calabi and Sarah Calabi.

Richard A. Brookshire and Barbara Brookshire to Robert N. Richardson, and Susan G. Richardson.


Theresa M. Randell to Earl Clark Randall III.


Brenda L. Barrett to Tiffany R. Dawson.


Jo Betsy Lewallen Szebehely to Don C. Firenze and Irene J. Firenze.





Mark Fuller and Kimberley Jones to Christopher P. Shaw and Julie D. Phillips.





Lobster Conservancy to Theodore J. Colanduno and Marianne B. Colanduno.


Robert L Strickland and Ellen M. Strickland to Robert L Strickland Trust, Ellen M. Strickland Trust and Strickland Living Trust.


Edward C. Brown III and Norma J. Brown to Edward C. Brown III Trust, Norma J. Brown Trust and Brown Family Living Trust.


Tyler Wadford to US Bank NA Trust and Manufactured Housing Contract Senior Subordinate.


Tamara Holland to US Bank NA Trust and Manufactured Housing Contract Senior Subordinate.


Douglas A. Deangelis to Joe F. Dasilva and Lusia T. Dasilva.



North Haven


Matthew H. Huntington, C. Stewart B. Huntington and Christopher B. Huntington to Red Paint Properties LLC.


Linda Crockett to J. O. Brown And Son INC.



Owls Head


Jane W. Wykoff to Justin Ford Trust, Tiffany Ford Trust and Ford Family Trust.


Edward W. Blackman to Donald A. Blackman.


Barbara A. Gushee to Russell Krauss and Michelle Miller.





Raquel D. Boehmer and Peter Boehmer to Fredrick Burke and Deborah Schilder.


Lighthouse Development Properties LLC to David W. Kent Sr.


Randall D. Searls and Lorelei M. Searls to Gene A. Vanbeek.


17 Warren Street LLC, Seventeen Street LLC to Alan Goldburg and Elaine Wein.


Re Holdings II LLC to Devin J. Fairfield and James R. Collins.


Robert W. Welch Trust, John Leonard Trust and Carole E. Remick Real Estate Trust to Denise A. Lagasse.


Mathew B. Prindiville and Sarah B. Prindiville to Christopher P. Fowles and Pamela J. Fowles.


Robert A. Peabody Jr. to Robert A. Peabody Jr. and Karla A. VanAlstine Peabody.





Deborah A. Kulick to  Deborah A. Kulick, Joanne P. McMillian, Louise M. Lavin and Daniel J. Kulick.


Ethel H. Hoppe Estate to Robert E Hoppe.


Richard S. Shirley and Joan S. Shirley to Joseph D. Wilcox and Jean M. Wilcox.


Milford W. Atwood Jr. and Cynthia M. Atwood to Joshua Carle.



St. George


Tracy C. Wells to Tracy Clark Wells Trust and Tracy Clark Wells Revocable Living Trust.


Christopher D. Wells to Christopher David Wells and Christopher David Wells Revocable Living Trust.



South Thomaston


Michael L. Smith and Patricia A. Smith to Kimberly A. Simmons and Todd A. Simmons.


Alboin L. Kenney Jr. and Wendy J Kenney to Carolyn J. Mahler and Theodor W. Mahler.





William S. Bird to Param LLC.


Tracy L. Chipman to James R. Corbett.


Dana Clukey to James R. Corbett.


James R. Corbett to Travis Merrifield.


Claudia C. Pease to Toby E. Stinson and Katherine Stinson.





Thad C. Carver to George O. Harrison.


Anna N. Perlberg Trust to George Fosque.





Vincent F. Zerveskes and Sharon E. Zerveskes to Anne Bonfietti.


Carlene S. King to Laura Straub.


Carlene S. King and Margaret Louise Oxton Estate to Laura A. Straub.


David P. Flynn to Pennymac Mortgage Investment Trust Holding I LLC.





Robert N. Richardson and Susan G. Richardson to Marianne A. Odell.