"Private banks in Maine could benefit if Maine formed a public bank," said Randall Parr, who will teach, The Shocking Truth About Money: Occupying the New Economy, an eight-week course for Coastal Senior College, starting Sept. 26 in the Camden Public Library's Picker Room.

Parr, who has a background in economics, took part in a recent national conference on public banking and has advocated for a state public bank before the Maine Legislature.

Addressing shocking truths about money — "Unlike other businesses, banks create money when they lend it," Parr will teach and illustrate the history of money, banking and financial panics as background to making the case for a public bank based on the North Dakota model.

North Dakota was the only state that emerged from the 2008 panic and recession without budget shortfalls.

"North Dakota's public bank has helped to strengthen commercial banks in (that) state," according to the Public Banking Institute.

The course, which runs from 1 to 3 p.m. over a span of eight Thursdays is open to the public for a small fee. Pre-registration is encouraged. Please call 596-6906 or visit coastalseniorcollege.org to register.