Barbara Wyllie, a 68-year-old resident of Eldercare Network of Lincoln County/Waldoboro Green has always wanted to meet Former First Lady Barbara Bush.

Her lifelong wish came true recently, thanks to the Maine Health Care Association’s Live Your Dreams program, the staff at Waldoboro Green and the generosity of Country Coach Limousine service located in Nobleboro.

Wyllie, who began knitting when she was 7 years old, has donated hundreds of hand-knit items to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital over the years and has long dreamed of meeting the former First Lady to thank her for her commitment to Maine’s children. The dream became a reality when the Live Your Dreams program received the green light for Wyllie to join the children and their families as Bush read to them at hospital. Wyllie arrived in a long white stretch limousine thanks to Country Coach Limousine whose driver rolled out a red carpet for her entrance.

With admiration, Wyllie watched and listened to Bush as she read to the children. When it was her turn to meet the First Lady, Wyllie was prepared with another box of knitted items that she presented to Bush, along with a handmade card.

Live Your Dreams is designed specifically to encourage and help Maine’s longterm care residents realize their hopes and dreams at any age, despite health and aging challenges. MHCA member facilities submit requests to the program on behalf of their residents, but ideas and wishes must be meaningful to the resident and come specifically from them.

For more information about the program, please contact MHCA at 623-1146 or visit online at Live Your Dreams