Civil War historian and author, Blaikie Hines will speak about the important work of a group of dedicated people who gave spiritual and practical aid to the fighting forces in the most costly war in the numbers of lives lost in this nation’s history.

There were no disaster relief organizations at the time with the exception of these unarmed men and women who worked tirelessly and without remuneration to bring spiritual, intellectual and physical comfort and help to the Union soldiers.

The volunteers, or delegates came from every community in the north to join the quickly formed group called the U.S. Christian Commission created jointly by two groups, the YMCA of New York and the same named group in Philadelphia. Their sole purpose was to deliver aid and to relieve suffering.

Hines will deliver his talk dressed as a Maine U.S. Christian Commission Delegate in 1861. He will show his extensive display of artifacts and explain the uses of the goods, supplies and services that brought comfort to Civil War battlefields, hospitals and prison camps

This unique talk is a joint program presented by the Thomaston Public Library and the Thomaston Historical Society. It will take place at the Thomaston Public Library (located at the Thomaston Academy building on Main Street) Monday, Sept. 16, at 7 p.m.