Bob Walden, director of Maine Prison Industries, said he did not know what to expect this first year at the Windsor Fair.

"I’m pleased to say the Prison Showroom’s first appearance at the Windsor Fair this year went extremely well with vending booth sales over $6,000 which exceeded projections by plus-30 percent," said Walden in a news release.

"We also were presented with the 'Best of Show' award for our commercial booth display. And we appeared to be a great fit for the fair and with the general public that warmly welcomed us warmly," he said.

"Based on the thousands of folks we met, chatted with, and handed out brochures to, it feels like we made a significant impact on educating people on part of what Corrections is about. Our mission to return offenders to the community is, I believe, in a much better position to succeed," said Walden.

Maine Prison Industries will next be at the Fryeburg Fair, which begins Sept. 29.