An interesting sight greeted Kim Graffam around noon Sept. 4, when she looked out her office window in Rockport and saw grazing cows:

"Someone in the office said “Oh my goodness there are cows outside!” We looked out and saw the cows on the lawn of Skip Wentworth’s house. I ran out with my phone to snap pics and let 911 know the cows were loose from Aldermere.

"Marieta Wheaton came up from the direction of the post office. We tried to keep the cows quiet on the lawn, but they had other ideas. They started back out onto Union Street and started heading down Huse Street.

"Marieta and I followed them down the street to keep track of them.

"Fortunately, there is the backside of a paddock near the corner of Huse and Limerock. The cows headed into a little cleared area behind the large house there (where Marge Dodge’s house used to be…don’t know the new owner’s name)

"They stayed trapped there against a banking until a few of the crew arrived from Aldermere. They cut the chain on the gate and let the cows back in. They figured the cows jumped over a low part of the fence or may have pushed through another gate on the other side of the paddock. They were going to investigate."