The following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 22 to Aug. 29 at Knox County Registry of Deeds.




Franklin E. Bartlett to Franklin E. Bartlett and Edward J. Bartlett.


Ryan Lawrence to Kyle J. Moody.





Byron E. Huntley and Arleigh F. Huntley to Arleigh F. Huntley, Byron E. Huntley and Christina L. Huntley.


Sharon L. Marden to Sean M. Carnell.


Alexis Meras Pittman to Robert Hammer and Susan Crowe.


Linda A. Irving to Julia L. Head, Sibley Destry Oldham.


Boynton Mckay Company LLC. to 30 Main Street LLC and Thirty Main Street LLC.


Byron E. Huntley and Arleigh F. Huntley to Arleigh F. Huntley, Byron E. Huntley and Christina L. Huntley.





David B. Wincapaw to Virgil L. Simmons and Susan M. Simmons.


Victor Bisceglia to Erick C. Trott and Melanie J. Trott.




Bank of America NA Trust, Leverette B. Davis Jr. Trust and Harbor Island Trust to Harbor Island LLC.



North Haven


David A. Jermann to Henry G. Nichols and Polly B. Nichols.


Owls Head


Ethan B. Yankura to Jessica A. Weatherbee.


Kimberly J. Olsen and Kimberly J. Thompson to Kevin R. Thompson.


Russell E. Hallock, Michelle Hallock and Michelle N. Hopkins to Russell E. Hallock and Michelle N. Hallock.





Janet A. Vrolijk Estate to Richard D. Armstrong Trust and Janet A. Vrolijk Family Trust.


Christine F. Watts to Gary A. Swanson and Elizabeth Burrell.


Frances A. Sheker to Steven D. MacDonald and Juliann A. MacDonald.


Paul Coster and Elysa R. Rose Coster to 711 Main Street LLC and Seven Hundred Eleven Main Street LLC.


Kenneth W. Pride and Marybeth Davis Pride to Mark Hannibal and Megan Cressler.


Steven Stinson to Luanne Clifford.




Ann E. Bickford and Ann E. Fitzgerald to Richard A. Nightingale.


Karen Miller and Roz Golchehreh to Eric E. Simon.


Charles P. Taylor and Suzanne M. Taylor to Robert C. Guay and Susan E. Guay.


Sumner B. Elwell and Linda A. Elwell to T and T Holding.


Maynard C. Ingraham Jr. and Joyce M. Ingraham to Joyce M. Ingraham and Maynard C. Ingraham Jr.


Terrence R. Price and Mary Louise Price to Robert T. Whalen and Susan D. Whalen.

David M. Pettis and Linda J. Pettis to Matthew Pettis and Diana Pettis.


Margaret Lawson to Margaret Lawson and Teresa Fitch.


Warren H. Searfoss Jr. and Carolyn D. Searfoss to Wendy L. Ford, Lisa P. Darcy, Craig W. Searfoss and Karen E. Behan.


St. George


Flora P. Smith to Baxter A. Smith, Melody G. M. Smith and Flora P. Smith.


Clus Sierra to Gwen Dille.


First National, Leo Construction Inc. and James Y. Campbell to Brian Daggett and Kathryn Daggett.


John R. Williams to Patricia W.Brissette and Anthony C. Brissette.


T. Stevenson Hansell and Kathryne C. Hansell to Kathryne C. Hansell Trust and Kathryne C. Hansell Living Trust.


Todd A. Simmons and Kimberly Anne Simmons to Lindas Landing LLC.



South Thomaston


Walter M. Bassick and Yvonne Bassick to Richard Swears.


Roberta E. Winchell Trust and Amy R. Payson Irrevocable Trust to Michael J. Rzeznikiewicz and Denise H. Rzeznikiewicz.


Lawrence L. Terrio and Nancy A. Terrio to Michael P. Carr and Nancy J. Carr.




Bank of New York Mellon Trust, Cwalt Inc. Bank of America NA attorney to Aimee E. Hunt.





Janet Crowley Trust and R. Paul and Janet Crowley Family Trust to Jameson Bell and Janet L. Bell.


Dorothy C. Beckwith to Thomas M. Beckwith and Carol Lynn Beckwith.


Lewis H. Hitzrot to Medomak Valley Land Trust.


Lewis H. Hitzrot to Lewis H. Hitzrot Trust and Lewis Hitzrot Revocable Trust of 2013.




Peter L. Pastor, Peter L. Pastor Revocable Living Trust, Florence L. Pastor Trust and Florence Pastor Trust to Jenni Lyn Cooper.


Fox Island Thorofare LLC to Joseph M. Sedlack Trust and Sixty Six Sparks Street Nominee Trust.





Andrew Gregory Frazier and Nancy O. Frazier to Paul R. Dunham and Ginger Dunham.




Ronald Luce and Linda Luce to Cassidy Parmley.