The programs offered at Divine Life reconnect people to their primal needs of love, air, water, food, sleep and movement through effective, playful exercises.

What is the Primal, Paleo and Caveman approach to a healthy lifestyle?

While these concepts are as old as humankind they are recently emerging in popular health and wellness circles. The primal philosophy is that simple is better and less is more. In today’s computerized, mechanized, and medicated world people have lost some connection to nature and their primal needs.

Michael Keating and Sherry Stanley of Divine Life in Owls Head are helping people experience the true pleasure of a healthy state of being that exists when all of the basic human needs are met at all levels. Through their eight-week programs, individual consultations, presentations, workshops and online webinars they will help participants identify their primal needs and take simple steps to efficiently incorporate them into daily life.

“Through the knowledge gained studying for advanced training certifications, researching material for our book, and experience gained teaching at our previous businesses, Infinite Fitness and Sea Results Wellness Consulting, we came to realize what works for people“ said Keating in a news release. With an abundance of information available about diet, exercise and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle a person has an enormous job ahead of them to decipher what will work for them. “

"And considering the majority of information out there is based on making profit for corporations it is, at times, a maze of deceptive information at best," Stanley said.

Divine Life’s primal approach simplifies information and gives simple techniques to meet them. Their goal is to bring together like-minded individuals to transform their lives by creating playful exercise programs, delicious healthy meals and snacks, breathing techniques to maintain a calm confidence, how to make lifestyle choices that promote quality restful sleep, and most importantly erasing self-limiting thoughts and emotions and replacing them with healthy affirmations.

Keating and Stanley offer a 100 percent money back guarantee if cllients are unhappy with their results.

For more information or to sign up for their next eight week program, which begins Tuesday, Sept. 24, visit or call 594-1957.