Becky DeKeuster, executive clinical director of Wellness Connection of Maine, and Dr. James Li, emergency physician at Miles Memorial Hospital, will present Medical Cannabis 101 at Camden Public Library Thursday, Sept. 12, at 7 p.m.

“This is a presentation I have given a number of times over the last several years to groups including nurses and nurse assistants; EMHC employees; staff, patients, and family members at the South Portland Cancer Community Center; and others,” said DeKeuster in a news release. “The purpose of the presentation is to provide a basic education about the history and science of this medicine, and an introduction to Maine’s medical marijuana law.”

The talk will cover a brief history of cannabis, including the endocannabinoid system; cannabis and religions; and cannabis in the 20th/21st century. DeKeuster and Li will also talk about marijuana as a medicinal herb, its stages of growth, strains and effects, efficacy and risks compared to other medicines, and methods of use. They will also cover Maine’s medical cannabis program, the current law and regulations; and safe and sensible use. There will be time for questions and answers as well.

Li is an emergency physician and has been in clinical practice since 1993. He is a former assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, where he taught and practiced emergency medicine for many years. He is widely published in many medical journals including the Lancet, Chest, and the Annals of Emergency Medicine (where he currently is also an editor). In addition to his primary emergency medicine practice in Damariscotta, he also has a certification practice for medical marijuana patients.

Established in 2011, Wellness Connection of Maine operates four of Maine’s eight state-licensed, nonprofit, medical cannabis dispensaries. They provide qualified Maine residents with an array of wellness-related services and the highest quality medical marijuana at reasonable cost to them; support patients’ full-spectrum wellness; and foster education about medical cannabis throughout the state. The nearest dispensary is in Thomaston.